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NU ON U is Rochester's place to shop   for the hottest in designer and brand-name clothing and accessories.

We cater exclusively to young women and teen girls  who want to be noticed for their impeccable taste... yet believe that quality and style transcend the original retail purchase and cost of their high-end look.

Only the best of the best  is selected to be  NU ON U resale merchandise.  We save you major money yet allow no compromise to your exquisite taste and attention-getting style.

We make changing up your wardrobe easy  because NU ON U gets its awesome inventory from you and others like you... who has better taste than that?

So bring in those clothes and shop while we look them over,.. get some cash for your previous (and awesome) fashion sense and go home with a new look...

or just come in  to shop and be amazed at the bargains.

It's kind of like  hanging out in your best girlfriend's closet
The Sensible way to an Awesome Look!
     Resale Boutique
Exclusive Designer Label and Name Brand Inventory...
Downtown Rochester

200 Broadway Ave. N

Phone: (507) 286-8668

Downtown Rochester, Minnesota
What's in YOUR Closet???